Feel the Call

How do we know which direction to head? What interests to pursue? It is interesting to me to watch other people in their pursuits in life. Many people seem to say they want certain things out of life, be it a family, nicer home, to travel more, to do more good in the world. Yet, these same people lead lives of boredomĀ and unhappiness. They claim they want to do these things but they do not feel divinely lead to do them. What is that supposed to mean?

My take on this is simple. If we feel that we want something, how much more lead to do we need to be? It is my belief that we are all here for a reason. Everyone has their own reason for why they are here, but the fact remains that we are all here for a purpose. Yet some people go searching for the answers to why they are here in all kinds of places that don’t exist. Why wouldn’t those things we are interested in be the same things we are called to do? Why would we need more of a calling than simply wanting to do certain things? And then when they find their purpose they make excuses for why they shouldn’t pursue them.

Now I understand how scary it can be when you realize that we really do have a purpose and maybe even scarier when we realize what our purpose is. For example, a good friend of mine realized that his purpose was to start businesses and provide value to the business marketplace. So, having realized his purpose he quit his nice, cozy, 9 to 5 office job to start a company from scratch. He put everything on the line to start a freight brokering business called Solid Rock Freight Brokering. Now he lives a much happier and much more fulfilling life. But it was not an easy thing to do. It meant completely fending for himself and his family with no security other than his own sweat and drive.


90/10 Rule

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people seem to do very well in life while others tend to struggle their whole lives? Have you noticed that the percentage that tend to struggle seem to work very hard? And that this percentage of people make up the majority of the world’s population? Have you noticed that there is another smaller percentage of people who do not seem to work nearly as hard, but still seem to do much better than the percentage of the population that is struggling? Welcome to the 90/10 rule.

What is the 90/10 rule? Well, the 90/10 rule explains how most of the population tends to struggle in life while a very small portion of the population seems to do very well in life. This would suggest that 90 percent of the population struggles while 10 percent does very well and is very happy. Now it is not a dead set 90 percent and 10 percent, the actual numbers tend to vary a bit, and some teachers will even change up the numbers they use a little, but the concept is the same.

So, how do we become part of that 10 percent of the population that seems to get everything they want? Well, it is much easier than it seems. But the first thing we must do is to let go of those old norms that plague us with small mind, 90 percent thinking. We must throw away the bad habits and bad ideas that have been taught to us as children growing up. We must stop making excuses for where we are and what makes up our lives.

After we have let go of those ways of thinking that keep us in the 90 percent that struggle, we must then find out how the others who make up the 10 percent think. You see, its all in our minds. Its all in the way we think. If we can simply change the way we think we can change our whole lives. If we learn to think correctly, we can have and do anything we want. Sounds to good to be true, but, its still true. The 10 percent already know the correct ways to think in order to get into that 10 percent, so it makes sense that we would learn what they are doing and thinking; then simply repeat what they do and think.


Make a Better Life

What is the one thing every human being is searching for? More money? Love? More freedom? Some people may say yes to some or even all of these things, but the real answer includes these things. What is it you’re asking? Well, the one thing we as humans are all looking for no matter what stage of life we are in is a better life. Its that simple. Our search for a better life is one of two things each human being has in common, the other being death.

Now a better life will be different for each individual person but the fundamental root of their search is all the same. Is there a way to get a better life? In my search for success, wealth, freedom and happiness I have been studying this similarity and searching for a common denominator between those that do achieve what they are looking for and those who do not get what they want. What I have come to learn is that as the fundamental root of our search is the same, so too are the fundamental ways to get those things we are searching for.

It will be my attempt to share some of those fundamentals with you now. First, we must nail down exactly what it is we are searching for. Do not discount what you are looking for, or settle for some lesser value just because the true desire may seem too out of reach. Without a direction to go, we are lost and can easily be tossed around by the circumstances that are then allowed to hit you back and forth. We must find out what it is we truly want, nail it down it detail, and write it down.

Second, we must find out where we are currently. Just as you cannot get to where you are going without a destination in mind, we also cannot get to where we are going if we do not know where to start from. Would you ask for directions on how to get from Atlanta, GA to Tulsa, OK if you were in Cincinnati, OH? No, we must know where we currently are before we can set out on our destination.


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